Approximately 12 fully-funded four-year studentships are available for students who apply to the ONBI CDT for October 2018 entry at the University of Oxford or the University of Nottingham. The source of our funding is a mixture of EPSRC and MRC funding, internal university funding, industrial partner funding and charitable funding. Restrictions on eligibility set by individual funding bodies will apply, mostly to do with citizenship. Most of the funding held by the ONBI-CDT is restricted to UK and EU applicants, although we will endeavour to also fund overseas applicants. Information on eligibility requirements for EPSRC/MRC studentships can be found here.

Please be aware that overseas applicants are not eligible for EPSRC/MRC studentships; however there *may* be funding possibilities from the CDT, and there are a number of scholarship opportunities that you can apply for through the University or through external funding agencies. If you are an overseas (i.e. non-EU) citizen it is highly recommended that you apply for any external funding as early as you can, even before submitting your application to the programme. Further details and specific deadlines regarding funding available from the University of Oxford can be found on the University’s Graduate Scholarships page. Further details and specific deadlines regarding funding available from the University of Nottingham can be found on the University's Graduate School page.

In the case of scholarships awarded by the University of Oxford (for Oxford applicants) please identify all the scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for on the online application form when submitting your application, otherwise your application may not be considered for these scholarships.


The UK Government has confirmed as of April 21st 2017 (see that the Research Councils UK funds (i.e. the EPSRC and MRC grant funding that we hold) can be used to fund non-UK EU students for October 2018 entry in exactly the same way as in previous years. This means that we welcome applications from non-UK EU nationals and plan to create fully-funded studentships for successful EU applicants in exactly the same way as we have in the past. All fully-funded offers that we make will be honoured for the duration of the student's programme, even after the UK leaves the EU. There is more information on the implications of Brexit for the University as a whole at:

College-Linked Studentships for 2018-entry Oxford Applicants

Where possible we try to link with colleges to create fully-funded studentship opportunities for Oxford applicants to the ONBI CDT. We are grateful to these colleges, who help to expand the number of students to whom we can make fully funded offers. Note that all applicants will be considered for all eligible funding, regardless of which college preference is stated on the online application form. However, any colleges named below will receive first refusal of students who have nominated their college, and who are made academic offers by the CDT.

University College: Oxford-Radcliffe EPSRC and MRC Centre for Doctoral Training Studentship in Biomedical Imaging

A fully-funded Oxford-Radcliffe Studentship is available to an outstanding candidate who is accepted onto the EPSRC and MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Imaging. The studentship will offer 4 years’ full funding in partnership with the annual EPSRC and MRC CDT studentship funding competition. The studentship is open to any nationality, subject to available funds, and does not require an explicit application to the college (please apply to the CDT using the details outlined at The candidate awarded this studentship will become a member of University College. The main online application deadline is 19 January 2018, although applicants to later application deadlines may also be considered.