Nottingham Application Procedure

Application Procedure for all candidates - Overseas, Self funded and Studentship

Please apply via the main University of Nottingham admissions web site, found at

The main gathered fields for October 2018 entry are: noon (UK time) on 17 November 2017; noon (UK time) on 19 January 2018; and noon (UK time) on 9 March 2018. All applicants should apply by one of these dates. Note that most of the funded studentships will be deployed to those who apply to the November and January gathered fields. Note also that interviews for those who are shortlisted may be in Nottingham or Oxford, regardless of which university you apply to.

General information on the Nottingham application process may be found at the Nottingham University Graduate School web site. Apply using the secure online application form. Please make sure you attach a Research Proposal in the form of a 1000 word essay indicating how your interests and background relate to this CDT. Do not fill in the personal statement box. The Code for the EPSRC-MRC ONBI CDT programme of study is "F35P 48m PhD Biomedical Imaging".

If you have general enquiries about funding or admissions criteria at Nottingham then please use If you have questions about the course content then please email

Note that if you wish to apply for a prioritised "Route A" industry-linked project then you should indicate this clearly in your Research Statement, including making clear which projects you are interested in (up to a maximum of two). If no application route is declared then we will assume that you wish to apply as a "Route B" applicant, in which no specific project is declared.

Overseas Applicants

Please be aware that we cannot offer funding to overseas applicants; however there are a number of scholarship opportunities that you can apply for separately. It is highly recommended that you apply for these as early as you can, even before submitting your application to the programme. Further details and specific deadlines can be found at: