Pre-Application Information

Before submitting a full application for a position on the programme, Oxford candidates are required to send a copy of their most recent CV via e-mail to You will then be guided as to how to make a formal application to the programme via the relevant online application system used by Oxford. Nottingham candidates should apply directly via Nottingham's online system at Note that students are allowed to apply to both institutions, in which case you may receive offers from Oxford and Nottingham and would then need to choose (when accepting your offer) which institution to select as your doctoral institution.

For further information and instructions as to how to make a full application, please see the sub-menus below this one.

Industry-Linked Projects

We intend to prioritise students who seek to work from the outset on an industry-linked project. A list of pre-selected industry projects will be maintained on the ONBI CDT web site. Applicants may indicate a preference for up to two specific industry-linked projects when they make an application to the programme. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in collaboration with our industry partners. If successful, these students would move directly on to their (industry-linked) project after their initial 7-month training phase, rather than undertake two rotation projects. They would also receive a stipend enhancement during Years 2-4 of their training to reflect the emphasis we place on industry-linked projects. Alternatively, applicants may apply in the standard way, without specifying a project preference, in which case they will undertake two rotation projects before choosing one to take forward for their doctorate. Please make clear in your Personal Statement when applying whether you wish to be considered for a "Route A" industry-linked project (specifying up to two projects you are interested in); or for a "Route B" standard application (in which case you do not need to specify an interest in a particular project and will choose two rotation projects during your first year). Note that shortlisted "Route A" applicants who are not awarded an industry-project will be automatically also considered for the "Route B" competition.