The Oxford-Nottingham Biomedical Imaging (ONBI) CDT brings together two of the UK's world-leading research universities in an innovative programme of teaching and research in biomedical imaging in which interdiscipliniarity is a core principle. The ONBI CDT provides doctoral students from a wide range of primarily physical science backgrounds with a uniquely broad exposure to all aspects of biomedical imaging, from cellular microscopy to clinical radiology, and from hardware development to image analysis. During training modules, students use the diverse range of academic experience across the group as a whole as an additional learning resource; they learn from their peers as well as from their tutors. They then embark on their research with a close and interactive cohort of fellow students with whom to discuss their work.

Students are required to undertake complementary projects that give them training across the broadest possible areas within biomedical imaging. Research projects also intentionally include complementary elements from different ends of the imaging spectrum (e.g. basic science with a clinical/biomedical application; academia and industry; spanning two imaging modalities, etc.), such that students can cross-fertilize ideas across imaging scales and disciplines. Note that collaborations across the two universities are especially encouraged, albeit with the host university providing the principal supervisor. Academics are also encouraged to consider academic-industry projects in collaboration with the CDT's partner companies.