A series of committees governs the management and oversight of the CDT. Ultimately all these committees report to the DTC Steering Committee and then to the MPLS Divisional Board. The current composition of the various committees is as follows:

ONBI Operations Committee

(meets weekly as part of the wider DTC Operations Committee)

Peter Jezzard (Oxford)

Michael Chappell (Oxford)

Penny Gowland (Nottingham)

ONBI Management Committee

(meets termly)

Peter Jezzard (Oxford, Chair)

Michael Chappell (Oxford)

Ilan Davis (Oxford)

Christian Eggeling (Oxford)

David Gavaghan (Oxford)

Penny Gowland (Nottingham)

Jens Rittscher (Oxford)

Stephen Smith (Oxford)

Amanda Wright (Nottingham)

ONBI External Advisory Committee

(meets at least annually)

Jan Wolber (GE Healthcare, Chair)

Rajarshi Banerjee (Perspectum Diagnostics)

Craig Buckley (Siemens Healthineers)

Oliver Clarke (Zeiss)

Gerry Dawson (P1Vital)

Tony Edwards (Imsol)Timor Kadir (Mirada Medical)

Ruud de Boer (Philips Healthcare)

Philip Murphy or Rob Janiczek (GSK)

Chris Randell (Pulsteq)

Markus von Kienlin or Johannes Mosbacher (Hoffmann La Roche)

Nin Bajaj (Nottingham University Hospital Trust, clinical member)

Fergus Gleeson (Oxford University Hospitals Trust, clinical member)

Nicholas Ayache (INRIA, overseas academic member)

Robert Singer (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, overseas academic member)

Sarah Bohndiek (University of Cambridge, external academic member)

Jason Swedlow (University of Dundee, external academic member)

Richard Wise (University of Cardiff, external academic member)


Kate Reading (EPSRC)