Chris Mirfin project

Case study: Chris Mirfin

2015 CDT student Chris Mirfin is working on the deign of complex radio-frequency pulses for high-field MRI
Sven Jaeschke

Case study: Sven Jaeshke

2015 CDT student Sven Jaeschke is working on contact-free motion correction and cardiac gating
Louise Tear

Case study: Louise Tear

2014 CDT student Louise Tear is working on the synthesis of new imaging contrast agents
Martin Hailstone

Case study: Martin Hailstone

2014 CDT student Martin Hailstone is working on cell tracking analysis methods and applications
Vaanathi Sundaresan

Case study: Vaanathi Sundaresan

2015 CDT student Vaanathi Sundaresan is working on automated analysis of medical images
Rick Lange

Case study: Frederik Lange

2016 CDT student Rick Lange seeks to work on hardware and software for biomedical imaging applications
Emma Doran

Case study: Emma Doran

2015 CDT student Emma Doran is working on abdominal imaging using high-field magnetic resonance imaging


The Oxford Nottingham Biomedical Imaging CDT has now admitted its final cohort and will not be admitting students for 2019 entry. Please see the 'Study Imaging' page for more information.

About the programme

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Research Skills Training
Modules, lectures and interdisciplinary discussion groups to build your personal and scientific skills.
Industry partnerships
We offer joint the option of joint research projects and internships with our industry partners.
Project teams
You can undertake two 11-week research projects before choosing your doctoral project.
Computational training
Computational training
Modules, lectures and interdisciplinary work to build your personal and scientific skills.
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Career preparation
We work with a range of medical and biomedical imaging companies to build a programme which prepares you.
Work across departments and disciplines is built into the design of the programme.
Hear about the programme
One of our 2015-intake students, Giles McMullen-Klein, has made a short video featuring current students, that can be viewed here.
UK-wide Imaging CDT Summer School

The annual Summer School involving all the UK Imaging CDTs took place Sept 3rd-5th 2018 in Nottingham. This follows previous successful joint Summer Schools held in 2016 and 2017.

The ONBI CDT is holding an Industry Day on Sept 28th 2017. This is aimed at…

We will hold a one-day festival of imaging on Friday 28th September 2018 at…

Oxford Imaging Festival
Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival

We will hold a one-day festival of imaging on Friday 28th September 2018 at…

Latest news

Aug, 2017

The online application system for candidates applying for October 2018 entry…

Jul, 2017

Chris has co-authored paper published in Neuroimage, utilising some of the…

Jul, 2017

Vaanathi had a co-author paper published in Neuroimage, utilising some of…

May, 2017

Martin Hailstone has published two papers from his recent work. One in…

I think that the ONBI CDT programme is great! I have really enjoyed the training, the people, and the exciting research environment.
Sophie Schauman, 2016-entry student