Collaborating Scientists

There are also many collaborating imaging scientists working in Oxford and Nottingham who can help host projects. For example, many of our projects are undertaken in collaboration with a clinician. Also, we encourage junior faculty to propose a project in collaboration with one of our senior ONBI Principal Investigators, who can act as a mentor to the student, and to the junior faculty member.

Microscopy Physics

Name Department University
Ian Dobbie Biochemistry Oxford
Andrew Jefferson Biochemistry Oxford
Richard Parton Biochemistry Oxford


Microscopy Applications

Name Department University
Simon Davis Weatherall Inst of Molecular Medicine Oxford
Nigel Emptage Pharmacology Oxford
Doug Higgs Weatherall Inst of Molecular Medicine Oxford
Anjali Kusumbe Kennedy Inst. Oxford
Shankar Srinivas DPAG Oxford
Stephan Uphoff Biochemistry Oxford
Kevin Webb Engineering Nottingham


Pre-Clinical Imaging

Name Department University
Daniel Antony Pharmacology Oxford
Craig Lygate RDM Oxford
Sebastien Serres Life Sciences Nottingham
Matthew Rushworth Experimental Psychology Oxford


Human Image Acquisition

Name Department University
Nicholas Blockley WIN/NDCN Oxford
Stuart Clare WIN/NDCN Oxford
Eleanor Cox Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre Nottingham
Aaron Hess Radcliffe Dept of Medicine Oxford
Caroline Hoad Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre Nottingham
Luca Marciani Gastroenterology Nottingham
Tom Okell WIN/NDCN Oxford
Andrew Peters Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre Nottingham
Alexey Potapov Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre Nottingham
Johanna Vannesjo WIN/NDCN Oxford


Image Analysis

Name Department University
Ana Namburete IBME Oxford
Stam Sotiropoulos Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre Nottingham
Steve Taylor WIMM/RDM Oxford
Dominic Waithe WIMM/RDM Oxford


Clinical Imaging

Name Department University
Guru Aithal Hepatology Nottingham
Dorothee Auer Radiology Nottingham
Nin Bajaj Neurology Nottingham
Keith Channon Cardiovascular medicine Oxford
Robin Choudhury RDM Oxford
Cris Constantinescu Neurology Nottingham
Bart Cornelissen Oncology Oxford
Nikos Evangelou Neurology Nottingham
Henryk Faas Radiology Nottingham
John Geddes Psychiatry Oxford
Fergus Gleeson OUH radiology, NDS Oxford
Ian Hall Respiratory Medicine Nottingham
George Harston RDM Oxford
Nia Jones Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nottingham
James Kennedy RDM Oxford
Ian MacDonald Life Sciences Nottingham
Ruth Muschell Oncology Oxford
Stefan Neubauer RDM Oxford


Human Neuroimaging

Name Department University
Holly Bridge WIN/NDCN Oxford
Gwenaelle Douaud WIN/NDCN Oxford
Heidi Johansen-Berg WIN/NDCN Oxford
Clare Mackay Psychiatry Oxford
Irene Tracey WIN/NDCN Oxford