Research Themes

The EPSRC-MRC ONBI CDT is collaborative venture between the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham, designed to provide a unique training in imaging science. Imaging in all its flavours, from molecules in cells to patients in MRI scanners, has transformed all aspects of biomedicine, medical research and healthcare delivery. However, there is currently a great need to expand the capacity of experts in biomedical imaging, both to serve academia and to serve industry needs. This CDT will address these demonstrated needs, focusing on EPSRC's and MRC's identified priority area of Medical Imaging (and with the strength of offering human-to-cellular imaging within the CDT).

The ONBI CDT provides training and research across a wide range of imaging fundamentals. Students undertaking this programme will gain: (i) a full appreciation of the underlying maths, physics and biology of imaging (the latter something identified by our industry and academic stakeholders as particularly missing from traditional doctoral training routes); (ii) a rigorous knowledge of image analysis and statistics, in order that imaging data can be correctly and maximally interpreted; (iii) knowledge of the theory of image formation and the biomedical/industrial significance of each modality; (iv) a proper understanding of scientific programming and rigorous software engineering such that code can be written to reach the standards required in the real world of industry (and addressing the comment made that `physicists can't programme!'); and (v) to ensure that all students are introduced to modern aspects of personalised medicine, such as novel imaging probes.