Prof. Peter Jezzard (University of Oxford) : EPSRC-MRC ONBI CDT Programme Director

Peter trained as a physicist at Manchester, before undertaking a PhD in Cambridge in magnetic resonance imaging. He subsequently worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, before returning to the UK to work in Oxford. He is currently based at the John Radcliffe Hospital, where he holds the Chair in Neuroimaging, and continues to develop new methods to study human physiology using MRI. He also directs the Oxford Biomedical Imaging Network, and organizes the annual Oxford Biomedical Imaging Festival.

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Prof. Penny Gowland (University of Nottingham) : Associate Director

Penny is based at the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre in Nottingham, where she conducts research in magnetic resonance imaging. She is particularly interested in the capabilities of functional and anatomical ultra-high field MRI in neuroscience. She is also the physics lead on a unique interdisciplinary project to study aspects of gastrointestinal function with MRI. Penny is also interested in imaging human development, particulary in the fetus.

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Prof. Ilan Davis (University of Oxford) : Associate Director

Ilan is an expert in light microscopy, and uses imaging to study how molecules are sorted and kept at their correct destinations within cells. For example, how mRNA localization and translational regulation target proteins to their site of function and facilitate memory and learning in the nervous system. Ilan also directs the Micron Oxford Advanced Bioimaging Unit that is located in the Dept of Biochemistry and the Dunn School of Pathology in Oxford.

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Prof. David Gavaghan (University of Oxford) : Associate Director

David has a wide range of research interests in the application of mathematical and computational techniques in medicine and biology and in the related basic sciences. He is Professor of Computational Biology in the Computing Laboratory and has been in Oxford since 1986.


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Prof. Michael Chappell (University of Nottingham) : Associate Director and Director of Training

Michael heads the Quantitative Biomedical Inference group that brings together inference techniques from information engineering with mathematical models of physics and physiology to estimate quantitative information for biomedical and especially clinical applications. His main interest is in medical imaging of metabolism and haemodynamics

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Sam Taylor: Head of Administration and Finance

Sam is the Senior Administrator at the DTC, responsible for the administrative management of the Centre, including the programmes, finances and building facilities. She leads the administration team and is Disability and Harassment Advisor for the Centre. Sam worked for the University for a number of years prior to joining the i-DTC, primarily in the area of Graduate Admissions.

Sophie Nixey

Sophie Nixey: Programme Administrator

Sophie joined the DTC in August 2014 and is responsible for the day to day administration of the CDT programme. Prior to starting at the DTC Sophie worked at The Said Business School for 4 years as a programme Administrator for their Executive Education programmes. 


Jo Burch: Finance Officer

Jo joined the team in August 2009. Prior to this she had been working in charity finance since qualifying as an accounting technician in 2002. Jo is responsible for all aspects of finance related administration. She works part time Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Dr Eoin Malins: IT Manager

Eoin comes from a research background with an interest in algorithm optimisation for hardware implementations. Having worked at the New York Stock Exchange, APT (Audio Processing Technology), Queen’s University and the University of Ulster, Eoin is now responsible for the smooth running of the staff and student computer systems at the i-DTC.