Grant Guidelines 2018

Each team is tasked with producing a 3-page research grant proposal that addresses the call topic. The proposal cannot be based on a grant that any of you have already written or begun to write. Details of the grant: You may select the most appropriate grant duration for your project, but the maximum is 5 years. The total budget for direct costs of research staff salary, facility fees and other consumables must not exceed £750,000. As well as completing the final grant document you should also prepare 3 slides (that you will present to the mock grant panel). Each team will present their grant at the Summer School (one or all of you can present). Grants will be discussed and scored. Once review-scored by your peers a mock ‘grant panel’ will rank and decide fundability of the grant applications, as for a real RCUK grant panel. The format of the submitted grant is to be as follows (all 10pt font minimum)

  • Front page
    • Title and applicants (i.e. your team)
    • Scientific abstract (250 words max)
    • Lay summary (250 words max)
  • Scientific proposal (1.5 pages max)
    • Background and motivation
    • Summary of specific aims
    • Scientific plan
    • Impact
    • National importance
    • Research team and environment
  • Budget justification (0.5 page max)
    • Gantt chart (timeline for delivering the project)
  • Format of the presentations at the Summer School will be as follows (5 mins each, plus 7 mins Q&A)
    • Project overview (3 slides max)
      • Background and motivation
      • Project overview
      • Project management

    We strongly suggest that you aim to start quickly discussing/generating ideas and planning a division of the workload so that you have a better chance of accomplishing the task during the time available. Note that useful resources for writing an RCUK grant may be found at: You may also find this link helpful when considering the potential impact of your work: